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Konnyaku is an Alkaline Food.

Shirataki and Konnyaku are Alkaline Foods.

Many of our modern foods are acid foods. Konnyaku and Shirataki, on the other hand, is a uniquely alkaline food. It is said that modern people had better eat more alkaline food in order to keep healthy. Therefore, Konnyaku is an ideal health food for us.

Shirataki Konnyaku is an ideal food for weight control and prevention of obesity because it is low in calories and has no fat. It also helps maintain our health. It is rich in mineral and full of dietary fibre. Since it is full of fibre, it stimulates excretion and helps us to keep good shapes. And ultimately, it prevents against bowel cancer and haemorrhoids.

Recent studies show that Konnyaku and Shirataki also normalises the level of sugar in the blood and prevents diabetes, normalises the cholesterol level, and prevents high blood pressure.







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