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Suggested Reading

Japanese Cooking Title Japanese Cooking A Simple Art (in English)
Author Shizuo Tsuji
Publisher Kodansha International
Location Tokyo
Year 1989
ISBN 0870113992

Japanese Vegetarian Cooking Title Japanese Vegetarian Cooking From Simple Soups to Sushi (in English)
Author Patricia Richfield
Publisher The Crossing Press Freedom
Year 1996
ISBN 0-89594-805-2

Title NHK Today's Health "HEALTH POCKETBOOK" Effectiveness of foods contains high fibre (in Japanese)
Author Dr. Shigeru Iwamori, Dir of Hiroshima City Hospital
Publisher Hokenkaikan; NHK Service Center
Location Tokyo
Year 1990-9-5

Konnyaku Diet Menu 70 Title Konnyaku Diet Menu 70: Slim beautifully with eating Konnyaku (in Japanese)
Author Yoko Kosuge
Publisher Butique-sha
Location Tokyo
ISBN 69626-14

Konnyaku, the new knowledge Title Konnyaku, THE NEW KNOWLEDGE (in Japanese)
Author Japan Konnyaku Association
Publisher Japan Konnayku Association
Location Tokyo
ISBN 03-3258-0288-9

Konnyaku no Ehon Title Konnyaku no Ehon (in Japanese)
Author Shuji Utida
Publisher Nousan Gyoson Bunka Kyokai
Location Tokyo
Year 2000
ISBN 4540991345

Title Motto Tabetai Konnyaku (in Japanese)
Author Naoko Makino
Publisher Shobunsha
Location Tokyo
Year 2000
ISBN 4794976143

Konnyaku Home Recipes Title Konnyaku Home Recipes . (in Japanese)
Author Keiko Iwasaki
Publisher Japan Konnyaku Association
Location Tokyo
Year 1999
ISBN 8347-1419-5

Title Shin Konnyaku Hyakuchin . (in Japanese)
Author Mineko Asada
Publisher Japan Konnyaku Association
Location Tokyo
Year 1986

  Title Konnyaku Diet, you can eat as much as you can. (in Japanese)
Author Shufuno tomo Seikatu Series
Publisher Kodokawa
Location Tokyo
Year 1995
ISBN 407216237X




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