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How I started.

How I started.

On the 1st of January 2002, I was all alone in my flat in England because my parents decided not to come to England at the last minutes. They were planning to visit me during the New Year. However, their direct flights from the nearest airport from my parents house to Heathrow were cancelled at the last moment because not enough people had booked. Alas! It seems that not many people are willing to fly since September 11th. Anyway, their flights were re-arranged via Tokyo which turned out to be a pain in the neck.

Then, my parents decided not to come to England in the end. That meant that I had to stay in my flat all by myself for the whole holiday!

Then, I thought that I should do something to keep me busy and should not to be depressed. I decided to build my own homepage since I have wanted to have it for a long time. The problem was I had almost no knowledge of building a website. I have translated webpages before, but it was a completely different story since my job was merely translations.

The first few days were a sheer nightmare and full of frustration. I was not depressed anymore but I was frustrated. Yet, strangely enough I was enjoying doing it and I even forget time. The reason why I was frustrated was that I had many ideas, but I did not know how to make them into HTML. I have not finished all my ideas yet, therefore, I intend to add more pages to my homepage.

Now, I think that I have finished a framework for my homepage. From now on, I will make pages when I want to have a break from my study. Actually, I should be writing my thesis at the moment, rather than building this homepage, but I cannot study when I feel lonely!

Tue. 15th January 2002








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