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About me

Shakespeare I am a Japanese. I love Shakespeare and the English theatre. I have been teaching Japanese for about five years and I love teaching Japanese, too!

If you are interested in having private lesson via webconferencing (video and sound) using iChat or AIM, please contact me. (It will not be free.)

I have been teaching Japanese for the last five years and I love teaching Japanese, too! However, life as a Japanese teacher have not easy so far because I teach six institutions around Warwickshire! It is a sheer mad life and very tiring!

If you know any full-time Japanese teacher's position, please let me know! I love teaching Japanese and I am a very hard working enthusiastic teacher. However, I teach at six institutions and my life is really hectic. Therefore, I hope that I will get a full time teaching post soon somewhere.




Yuta's DrawingMy face drawn by Yuta (my nephew) at his age 3 and half years old. (Captions by my sister)
The greatness of this drawing is his sharp observation. He pointed the huge eyes which he drew and said, "they are my faces in Mic-chan's eyes." (He calls me Mic-chan which is a bit naughty but sweet. The Japanese affix of "-chan" shows an affection towards usually a girl, a small child, a small animal, or a person who is lovely and adorable. ) He drew the reflections of his faces in my eyes!!! I was astonished by his comments. I think that he is genius and I am extremely proud of this great work of art. Please call me, a doting aunt. I cannot deny it. I love him so much. By the way, I DO have hair!



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