Adjective cards (pdf)

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Adjective CardsAdjective Cards

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  1. dvtruongson says:

    How can I download the pdf file? Please show me. Thank you

  2. admin says:

    Hi dvtruongson,
    Only my students can download the protected files. In order to watch/listen/download those protected files/posts, you have to register here (then you become a subscriber) and you have to be approved by me as a premium subscriber, i.e., be approved as my student. Then, you can access everything I posted for my students. If you are not my student and register , you still cannot watch/listen/download protected files except some images. Sorry.

  3. milla90 says:

    I can download the pdf file

  4. Kathy Young says:

    I’m looking for a site that I can help my son learn Japanese. He is currently taking Japanese in school but averaging a “C”. Thank you.

  5. chhaun says:

    how can i see pictures vocab