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切手(きって)のない おくりもの





〜ほしい  〜たい



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Buying cinema tickets (Speaking)

You are at the ticket booth at a Japanese cinema, buying tickets to see a film.

  1. Say you’d like tickets for “Titanic”.
  2. Ask for ticket for three adults.
  3. Ask if there is an English programme.
  4. Ask where the toilets are.

WJEC Topic 4 Oral 2007


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Buying concert tickets (Speaking)

You are at a Japanese ticket agency to book some tickets for a concert.

  1. Say you’d like to book tickets for a concert.
  2. Choose one kind of seat.
  3. Ask for two adult tickets.
  4. Ask if there is an English programme.
  5. Answer the two questions the booking officer asks you.

WJEC Topic 4 Oral 2006


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