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Flash Hiragana Table

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Hiragana Table



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Hiragana Aqua Draw Practice Sheet ひらがな 水かき練習

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Hiragana Practice Sheet


Hiragana Practice Sheet

Hiragana Practice SheetHiragana


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Hiragana Tsumiki

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Hiragana Tsumiki


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Hiragana Dices ひらがな サイコロ

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ReadWrite Hiragana (Free software)

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ReadWrite Hiragana


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PocketExam Hiragna files (mobile phone)

Pocket Exam Pocket Exam 2


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KanaQ is a free Japanese kana flashcard program designed to run on Java-enabled mobile phones. It creates a set of simulated kana “cards” based on a set of either Hiragana or Katakana as chosen by the user. These cards train the user to recognise the the reading for each kana symbol so they’ll be able to read text written in actual Japanese scripts rather than having to stick to the dull Romanized offerings found in most basic Japanese textbooks.



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Rakubiki Jisho (DS dictionary)

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With this Dictionary, you can find the Kanji simply by writing them! So, you do not have to know how to read or stoke number to check up. Just simply imitate it and it will tell you the meaning.


The following is demonstration.
When you type “Hiragana” it can pronounce it for you.


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Kakitori-kun かきとりくん (DS Game)

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DS Games to learn Hiragana

This game is designed for Japanese Elementary School students but it may help you to learn Kanji. It teaches stroke orders of Kanji as well as Hiragana. It also has a dictionary feature.

KakitorikunKakitorikun 3
Kakitorikun 4


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アンパンマンとあそぼ あいうえお教室

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This is a very good software to learn Hiragana and Katakana. There are 12 games as well as lessons.

DS ampanman

The video is one of the lessons.


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