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Learn Japanese Kanji (Free Softwre)

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Learn Japanese Kanji

Mobil/Pocket PC version also available


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PocketExam Hiragna files (mobile phone)

Pocket Exam Pocket Exam 2


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Kanji Sudoku (mobilephone)

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lKanji SudokuKanji Sudoku 2


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Pocket Exam

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PocketExam files
for study Japanese on mobile phones

Pocket Exam Pocket Exam 2

iconWJEC Topic 1 (Intorduction, family, pet, hobbies, sports etc)
iconOCR Element 4
(Buying tickets)

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KanaQ is a free Japanese kana flashcard program designed to run on Java-enabled mobile phones. It creates a set of simulated kana “cards” based on a set of either Hiragana or Katakana as chosen by the user. These cards train the user to recognise the the reading for each kana symbol so they’ll be able to read text written in actual Japanese scripts rather than having to stick to the dull Romanized offerings found in most basic Japanese textbooks.



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