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Japanese numbers 1 to 10


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*Japanese Haiku by Basho


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iFlash is a flashcard software for Mac. There are wonderful free decks for Japanese learning in iFlash Deck Library such as Japanese dictionary, Nina no Nihongo, Japanese Proficiency Test L1-4 , Genki, 250 Essential Kanji etc. Plus Using the built-in iPod export, you can study any time anywhere with your iPod! (To download and to find out more about iFlash to click here.)

My Decks will be soon ready to download from the the iFlash Deck Library.

Hiragana with sound files

Katakana with sound files

OCR (1-4) with sound files

WJEC with sound files [iPod folder to download]

Japanese for Busy People with sound files

To see the video, please click the play button.


iFlash is a wonderful study aid which help
you memorize anything. It is especially effective with languages. I
highly recommend to use. You can also study vocabulary with your iPod anywhere, too! To see more details to click here.

5. 1 iFlash Decks with sounds files

iFlash is a wonderful study aid and I highly recommend to use. You can study vocabulary with your iPod anywhere, too!

For Mac user only.You need to download iFlash first to use this.

1. Introduction, family, jobs, hobbies and sports with sound
[Download (5MB)]

2. Japanese for Busy People submitted by me is available
at deck library.


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It has speech recognition feature.
The video below is a demonstration of speech recognition game.
I intentionally made a mistake in order to see how it reflects to the mark.


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アンパンマンとあそぼ あいうえお教室

Mitch’s [rating:5]

This is a very good software to learn Hiragana and Katakana. There are 12 games as well as lessons.

DS ampanman

The video is one of the lessons.


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