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These Kanji are for GCSE but they be useful for everyone who would like to learn Kanji.  You can print it out, glue it and cut them to use as flashcards.

This set includes the old specification Kanji and the Kanji which I use to explain the GCSE Kanji.

The followings are matched lessons on Quizlet.  So that you can learn them on PC or iPhone/iPod touch as well.

A sample Quizlet of Lesson 01: You can hear the sounds as well if you click the sound icon…


When you do the tests on Quizlet, please tick “Stuff in parentheses” so that your answer should become only Hiragana parts.

Revisions for the exam

GCSE Essential Kanji  in Flashcardsexchange (You can choose which Kanji to learn)

GCSE Essential Kanji (Quizlet) for

GCSE Vocabulary Kanji Possible Words Quizlet

For GCSE Vocabulary lists, please go to GCSE Vocabulary Lists, Quizzes and Flashcards

If you have an iPhone or iPod touch, you can use various apps to use Quizlet and  flashcardexhange lists to do quizzes on your iPhone and iPod.  Or you can print out your flashcards there, too.

For in stance, I usually recommend  a free app callediReview Flashcards to my students to use my Quizlet lists  but there are many applications which can deal with Quizlet sets.

As flashcards

Type in Quiz

True or False

Multiple choices quizzes either with an image or not.

GCSE ProVoc file(Macintosh Software file)  You have to download the software at: http://www.arizona-software.ch/provoc/download.html

You also need to install the following font to see the fonts. File tasakai_lig.ttf

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