Hiragana Practice Sheets (pdf)

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3 Responses to “Hiragana Practice Sheets (pdf)”

  1. John Chatham says:

    Actually homeschooling my twins Japanese and I was looking for hiragana and katakana charts.
    Your site is very nice and I am sad others have taken advantage of your hard work.

    There are good people out there, just not that many.

    Downloaded the pretty hiragana chart. It will help I am sure. Thank you!!!

    Kind regards,

  2. Elijah says:

    Please don’t delete these resourceful information. I just recently found this site and I think this will help me with my calligraphy in Japanese..and hopefully will go to Japan. And I’m even sure other people would like to learn how to read, write and speak in Japanese. I need to learn Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji…and I think your practice sheets will be a huge help for me and other people willing to learn

  3. Guillermo says:

    Hello. I am starter student of japanese. And i will be really happy if you give me permission to your learning resources. I am from Colombia South America