An Invitation on an answering machine (Speaking Practice)

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You got tickets which you would like to go with your friends. You called your friend to invite him/her, but unfortunately, she/he is not in. Please leave a message on the answering.

Your telephone message should include:

  1. Greet (on telephone)
  2. Tell that you got tickets for (choice of your own.)
  3. Tell the details, such as the date, time and the place etc.
  4. Invite him / her.
  5. Suggest a suitable time and place to meet.
  6. Greet

Here is the answering phone message and a sample.

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  1. download.a.toby says:

    hi I ve been trying to do the speaking exercise but there is no audio comment
    button, so im not sure how to record the speaking. If you manage to reply this evening i will try and get it done. If not i ll speak to you in lesson tomorrow.