My school / job (Speaking)

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You are showing a Japanese visitor around your school/company. Please tell him/her a little about your school/company, for example:

-What time school/your job starts and finishes
-Which days of the week you come to school/work
-What time is your lunch break
-What subjects you are studying
(what is your job.)
-Which subjects you like or dislike
-How you get to school/work
-If you have any activities after school or work

Please bear in mind the following things:

Tense = present tense

Here is my example:

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  1. Joely says:

    Watashi no gakkoo wa ku ji kara san ji made desu.
    Gakkoo wa getsuyoubi kara kinyoubi made desu.
    Hiru yasumi wa ichi ji kara ni ji made desu.
    Watashi wa bijutsu ya suugaku ya ongaku o benkyooshiteimasu.
    Watashi wa bijyutsu ga suki desu, demo suugaku ga suki dewa arimasen.
    Gakkoo ni aruite ikimasu.

    admin reply on February 24th, 2008:

    Joely, well done. No mistakes! Great!!!

    My only suggestion would be “Gakko ni aruite kimasu. (come)” rather than “ikimasu (go) ” as you will be talking in school.

    If you could add “am,” “pm”, “everyday”, please try but if it would too much. Please keep it simple but it would be fabulous, if you could extra expressions.

  2. download.a.toby says:


    Heres my speaking from last week


    admin reply on February 26th, 2008:

    Hi, well done. Here are few mistakes and suggestions. Please go through and make it perfect!

    1. Watashi wa gakko wa -> Watashi no gakko wa
    cf. Watashi no = my

    2. Hiruyasumi wa ichi-ji han ni made desu. -> ichi ji han made desu.
    You only use either “made (till)” or “ni (at)”. You probably know it and just mistake to say it because you were correct about the sentence “Gakkoo wa getsuyoobi kara kinyoobi made desu.” I know how hard to remember everything when you are speaking in a foreign language. You know how many mistakes when I speak in English. My English is full of mistakes! So, please do not worry about small mistakes too much. It is far more important you are able to speak like this in Japanese, which is fantastic!

    3. konpyuuta o benkyoo shimasu. -> konyuuta o benkyoo shiteimasu.
    “— o benkyoo shimasu (I study —)” is a present tense and it is grammatically correct. However, you are a student and have been studying them. So, “— o benkyoo shite imasu (I have been studying —.)” may be more natural.

    4. “Gakko ni densha de ikimasu” is correct. But if you talking in school, please use “kimasu (come)” rather than “ikimasu (go)”.

    Please be careful the following pronounciation. I will go over with you today’s lesson.

    – hajimarimasu
    – san ji han ni owarimasu
    – hiruyasumi

    Well done!!

    Sorry I cannot leave a message with a sound file at the moment.