Where are books?

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1.  [thing] wa [place] ni arimasu.
2. [thing] wa [place] desu.  <—- A wa B desu structure. 

1. [thing] wadoko/nan-kai ni arimasuka.
2. [thing] wadoko/ nan-kai desuka.

Q: Hon-uriba wa doko/nankai niarimasu ka.
 ほんうりば どこ ありますか
   (Where does the book section exist?
     = Where is the book section?)

A:Hon-uriba wa nikai niarimasu.
  ほんうりば にかい あります
    (The book section is the second floor.)

Q: Hon-uriba wa doko desu ka.
 ほんうりば どこ ですか
     (Where is the book section?)

A: Hon-uriba wa nikai desu.
  ほんうりば にかいです
     (The book section is the second floor.)


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