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First of all, ALL DOWNLOAD LINKS ARE NO LONGER WORKING because there are people who abuse my resources. I have been offering visitors to use my resources freely until now because I thought that they may be useful to the people who are learning Japanese. But now, I decided to delete all download files and from now on, only my students can access them at my Moodle course.

When I get time, I will delete all links in the posts as well.

This Japanese Lesson section was set up for my students to revise what we have done in my lessons and prepare for their exams. Because of this original purpose, there are many protected files which my students (premium subscribers who have been approved by me) can only watch/listen/download. In other words, if you are not my student, even if you registered here, you would be still not able to watch/listen/download the protected files because I would not upgrade you. I cannot give free access to those files to someone who is not my student. I am really sorry but I set up this webpage not for the visitors but for my students. Therefore, if you are a visitor, you are very welcome to explore public posts and hope that they will help you to learn Japanese as well. But you cannot access all files.

Now みっち先生のMoodle lessons are also available for my students.

Private Japanese lessons in Stratford-upon-Avon

One-to-one Private Japanese Lesson

I have private one-to-one students who come from around Warwickshire such as Warwick, Leamington Spa, Kenilworth, Coventry, Solihull and even Oxford.

Please feel free to ask for the free 40-minute trial Lesson.

I have 11 years of experience teaching primary students to adults (2 years in Japan and 9 years in the UK). Group lessons will be also available but the fee will depend on the length of the lesson and the number of students.

Lesson through Skype or iChat

I can also teach people anywhere in the world via Skype or iChat. The payment will be paid via PayPal in advance. You can have lessons from 3 lessons. Why not try my free 40-minute trial lesson?

Moodle Courses

If you become my student, you will have free access to my Moodle course as well.

If you are a Japanese teacher and if you would like to have Moodle courses, however, your school does not have Moodle or you are only teaching privately, please contact me. I might be able to help you to host your Moodle courses here.

If you do not know about the Moodle courses, please click here and learn a little about Moodle courses. You can log on as a guest.

Japanese 01 (Beginner) (screenshot)
Japanese 02 (screenshot)
Japanese 03
Japanese 04 (AS Level)
Japanese 05 (A2 Level)


A message to my students:

I made this for you because I want you to get good results, so please revise it!!!! In order to watch/listen/download those protected files/posts, you have to register here (then you become a subscriber) and you have to be approved by me as a premium subscriber, i.e., be approved as my student. Then, you can access everything I posted for my students. If you are one of my current or former students, please register here

Notes for the registration

Please choose your user name carefully because you cannot change the user name later. After your registration, you will be able to change your display name or password and also able to add your family name and first name once you register at your profile page. However, you cannot change your user name. After submitting your username and e-mail address, a temporal password will be sent to you. Please log on with your temporal password and change your password. Then, please input your family name and first name on your profile page so that I can approve you.
Sensei 🙂

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