Edexcel Japanese GCSE Past Papers [Protected] (pdf)

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  You must be my student in order to access those files on to the Moodle courses.  

Edexcel Japanese Past Papers かこのしけん もんだい


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  1. eguru says:

    Why can’t I register and download the exam papers’ pdf’s?

    admin reply on April 29th, 2009:

    Please read the message to the visitors at:


    If you are not my student and register, you still cannot watch/listen/download protected files except some images.

    I set up this Japanese learning section in order to help my students to revise. Because of its original purpose, protected files are for only my students (premium subscriber who was approved by me). My students can only watch/listen/download the protected files owing to the copy right issues etc. In other words, even if you registered, you would not watch/listen/download the protected files until I approve of you. I cannot give free access to those files to anyone. If you really wish to access specific files, firstly please write to me and explain who you are and why you wish to have an access to that particular files. Then, I will think about it. I hope you understand it.

  2. Sarah says:


    I’m a GCSE Japanese student and am finding it impossible to find any more past papers.
    I received two from my Sensei, but haven’t been able to receive or find any more.
    Coming across your website was like stumbling upon a goldmine, though I then realised your resources are restricted to your own students; which I completely understand and appreciate.

    However, I ask very kindly of you if you could please allow me to access a few of the papers; particularly the reading and writing papers.
    I have attempted to write my own questions and answer them, but this is not helping me to get used to the format of the Japanese exam papers, which is causing me to feel uneasy about taking the exams soon.

    Thank you for your time, and I hope I am not bothering you.

    Best regards,

  3. Hitomi Sparks says:

    Hello. My son is half Japanese and half British. (I am Japanese). He has been learning Japanese since he was little. He would like to take Japanese GCSE this year and I have been looking for sample past papers online but cannot find any. I wonder if you could help? I thought I’d try.
    Kind Regards