Hiragana Flashcards (pdf)

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12 Responses to “Hiragana Flashcards (pdf)”

  1. Michael says:

    Thanks for this much appreicated saved me heaps of time from cutting aand writting out all my own hiragana cards. 🙂

  2. Justin says:

    Thank you very much.. err I mean Domo arigatou gozaimasu~ ^_^

  3. Julia says:

    Thanks so much for the flash cards! They helped me a lot!

  4. Hailey says:

    This is such a great idea because now I can quickly learn the hiragana before my big test!

  5. Hailey says:

    It would be hard to write them all out…

  6. shibata37 says:

    Arigatou gozaimasu!

  7. lola says:

    um…i m a real beginner at Japanese.i have only learn’t the hiragana and i am not very good at it .So could Please tell me what to start on first.have got any tips to help me how the remember all hiragana properly?

    thanks for any good replys :}

  8. Japanese wife says:

    I printed out Katakana flash card for my husband but it has some mistake if we make card. please check these.be,pi,bu,pa,pu,bo,bi.

  9. Airi says:

    Domo arigatou gozaimasu!! ^U^

  10. Maile Downy says:

    May be rare to get certified individuals with this matter, nonetheless, you appear to be a person know about exactly what you might be publishing about! Thx.

  11. Shawn says:

    Thank you, these will be very useful! Domo arigatou gozaimasu!

  12. Cyndee says:

    i was wondering how i can access the flashcards even though i’m not a student of yours. it would really help me a lot. 🙂 hope i can used them.