How to make an Origami Christmas Tree

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Christmas is approaching so, here are instructions how to make this pretty Origami Christmas tree.  Hope you like it.  It is not difficult as it looks. Please try it and add to your Christmas decoration.  I also posted Origami Father Christmas 1 (easier) and Origami Father Christmas 2

If you find it difficult to follow any of my instructions,  I am sorry and just let me know.

Anyway, here are the video and the instructions.

Step 1:

Fold on half diagonally and make a white triangle. (The coloured side should be inside.)

Step 2:

Open it and fold on half diagonally and make another triangle. This time, you can see the line which you made at the first step in the middle of the triangle.

Step 3:

Open it again and fold in half with coloured side and make it rectangle.  You can see a  triangle in the rectangle which you just made.

Step 4:

Open it once more and fold on half again.  Then, make another rectangle.  You can see four triangles in it.


Fold at the red spots with the loose sides down.  Then, push it and  flatten it.   Then, it should become a square.

Step 6:

Fold up to the middle line.

Step 7:

Open it back.

Step 8:

Flip over the left triangle to the right.  Now  you should be able to see the line on the right.  This step makes it easy to fold in the next step.

Step 9:

Fold back the triangle to the middle and put your finger into the pocket up to the top.  Then, flatten it.

Step 10:

Turn it over and repeat the process of step 6 to 9 till you finish all.  You have to do it 4 times in total.


Distribute the layers evenly and flatten it.  There should be four layers each on both sides.

Step 12:

Cut the bottom

Step 13:

Cut it into a tree shape.

Step 14:

Imagine three even horizontal lines and write small dots where arrows are pointing.

Step 15:

Write lines from the dots as in the pictures below. Cut above the lines which are indicated in red so that they will be hidden when they are fold.

Step 16:

Fold into a tree shape.  Fold only the top layer at the red lines.

Step 17:

Turn it over and repeat the process.

When you finished the both sides, reveal the sides with white trunks.  Then, flatten it and fold at the red lines again.  Then, turn it over repeat the process till you finish all.  Then you are almost there!

Step 18:

This is the most exciting part!

This part is tricky so, please watch the video first so that you understand more clearly what I mean here.  It is from about 4:47.  Anyway, there should be eight layers and hold five of them with one hand. Then, with scissors cut off tiny bit of the top with an angle. This will decide how big the hole of your star will be. If you cannot decide or imagine the size of your hole at this point, it might be better to start with a small one because if you think the hole is too small, you can make it bigger later but if you cut it too much here, you cannot change it.

Then, slightly pull the side of the three parts which you are not holding with,  in order to avoid to cut them through.  You can draw a line as a guideline before cutting, if you wish.  Then, cut only five layers up to the middle line carefully. The position where you cut will decide the size of your star.  Therefore, please do not too close from the tip.

After cutting up to the middle line, lift the star part very carefully, and now you should be able to see your star.


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