Year 9 End of the year Exam

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The Japanese exam will involve 4 skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening and it will cover the following topics and scripts.

Introductions (introduction, greetings and set phrases, numbers, I am from etc)
Myself and family (ages, family members, countries and nationalities, telephone numbers, occupations, animals, zodiac years)
Time (o’clock, am, pm, from, till, days of week, days of months, birthdays)
Shopping (numbers up to million, various nouns, Japanese foods, counters)
There is/are, exist (**** ga imasu/arimasu)
Adjectives (i-adjectives and na-adjectives, the best, more etc)

All Hiragna Scripts and spelling rules
Kanji to write and read:
Kanji to recognise / read:曜

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